Natural coolness, the new luxury on your terrace

New folding arm awning Lux from Harol handsomely combines design and comfort

Never before has a stay in the shade been so luxurious as it is today. With Lux, Harol once again confirms its talent for trendsetting sun protection of the very highest quality. The new high-end folding arm awning safely protects you during the sunniest hours and offers full comfort long thereafter. And in style, because Lux has pushed the envelope in terms of architectural look as well. Harol´s secret? Constant investment in sustainable innovation.

Harol´s new sun protection collections are the result of two years of intensive development, under the motto ‘Smarter. Simpler. Sustainable.’. And the Lux folding arm awning is simply an eyecatcher within the extensive line.

Austere look
With its tight lines and square cassette (24 x 25 cm), Lux has a very modern look. The awning integrates easily into a minimalist architecture, while at the same time giving more classic homes a contemporary touch. The exclusive ‘Invisibly Wired’ arms have an austere look: the steel cables are no longer visible, giving the sober forms of the folding arms their full due.

Moreover, with its cubist look, Lux produces exceptional cooling: up to 28 m2 of luxurious shade on your terrace, with a horizontal extension of up to 4 metres and a width up to 7 metres. This generous shade zone can be further expanded with an automatically controllable valance (vario valance) in the front profile, which can drop as far as 2 metres. Ideal not only for retaining warmth but also to block the sun’s blinding light when it is low in the sky. Lux is also connectable up to 12 metres, for even more shade in the same austere look.

Unlimited comfort
This high-end sun protection offers not only UV protection and shade, but also gives your terrace great conviviality and comfort. For maximum enjoyment until late in the evening, you can equip Lux with dimmable LED lighting - direct or indirect. The unique combination of indirect lighting in the front profile and cassette creates even greater atmosphere on your terrace. Heating under the awning is also perfectly possible in order to extend the delightful pleasure of being outdoors as long as possible …

Safe sensors
With the sensor-controlled Lux, Harol lets you enjoy outdoor life truly free of worries. The awning automatically closes if the wind begins to blow too hard. When the sun is shining, the high-tech woven acrylic fabric rolls out on its own. In light rainy weather, moreover, you can relax and remain sitting under the awning: the water flows off via the integrated water drainage system in the front profile. Just give the fabric a chance to dry before you roll it back securely into the cassette. And in any event, inside the cassette it is protected against weather and wind all year round.

100% Belgian custom work ​
To assemble and perfectly tailor Lux to your terrace, Harol uses the finest materials: from high-quality stainless steel for the fastening to extra-strong aluminium for the cassette and front profile. And Harol works as sustainably as possible: the aluminium is 100% recycled material, the powder paint shop recycles the water it uses and meets the highest environmental standards. Soon all of the energy consumed on the site will also be 100% green, thanks to our own wind turbine.

Furthermore, the new folding arms of Lux were developed and tested for over 25,000 cycles, which corresponds to being opened and closed twice a day for 25 years. Good for a lifetime of enjoyment: that, too, is sustainability. The new folding arm awning meets the required European standards for wind class 2, or 5 on the Beaufort scale.

All that remains is for you to choose your favourite fabric colour. Here again Harol has made no compromises on quality, with an extensive collection of contemporary uni acrylic fabrics. They offer a maximum of UV protection and are sound-damping, water-repellent and treated to be dirt and rot-resistant. The fibres are dope-dyed so that they preserve their vibrancy year after year. If at some point you wish to give your terrace a new look, you can easily replace the fabric with one in a different colour. That´s how Harol makes natural cooling simpler and more stylish than ever.

Lux technical data

  • Width: up to 7 m
  • Horizontal extension: up to 4 m
  • Weight: ± 19 kg/m
  • Electrical vario valance: max. 2 m
  • Valance: 25 cm
  • Slope: 10° to 40°
  • Several LED lighting options
  • Wind class 2 Beaufort 5

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