Natural cooling has now become indispensable for buildings

Harol is expanding its solar-powered range

The increasingly hot summers and sky-rocketing energy prices have made natural cooling the most important and energy-efficient way to stop buildings from getting too hot. However, in winter you want your building to let in and retain as much sunlight – and therefore heat – as possible with extra insulation. So how can we combine all this into one total solution for homes and workplaces? Harol specialises in natural cooling and explains how this can be done with the latest developments in architectural sun protection. ​

Harol's natural cooling systems stop buildings from getting too hot and save energy in a sustainable and energy-efficient way. Natural cooling means you keep out the sun whenever and wherever it gets too hot. When this is not necessary, as much natural daylight is let in as possible for maximum effect. Many modern, well insulated, airtight buildings are now overheating during the ever hotter summers, with all the negative effects this entails for us humans. Hot temperatures affect our health, but also our energy bills, as more and more of us resort to power-hungry air conditioners to cool our homes.

CEO Annick Draelants: “We are convinced that natural cooling is the best and most future-proof choice for the health and wallets of everyone who is building or converting a property. The problem of (residential and non-residential) buildings getting too hot has increased dramatically over the past few years.. Nearly 1 in 5 homes in Belgium tackles this with an active cooling system such as air conditioning, which increases our fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. In some cases, air conditioning can certainly be useful and necessary, but all it does is control the symptoms in a vicious circle. Sun protection gets to the root of the problem.”

Harol is presenting several new, sustainable sun protection solutions this year. The Harol Coolscreen collection is a new generation of fabric sun protection that ranges from translucent to total blackout fabrics for maximum natural cooling. These screens primarily act as a natural buffer against overheating in summer, but also provide additional insulation in winter. Harol is set for international success with this new range of screens. The company also offers a complete solar power concept called SolarCool Solutions. Consequently, Harol currently has the widest range of solar-powered sun protection solutions for newly built and renovated buildings in Europe. The SolarCool Solutions range includes a solar-powered roller shutter and solar-powered roller screen as well as a system for built-in and surface-mounted roller shutters. Harol is also marketing its new solar-powered skylight and conservatory sun protection in early 2023.


Annick Draelants: “The trend towards sustainable and energy-efficient construction and renovation keeps developing across Europe. The regulations in many countries are also becoming ever stricter to tackle overheated buildings in a systematic way. New buildings must be more climate-change resilient. Our solutions offer the widest and most innovative range of natural cooling. That is why we are investing heavily in the expansion of our traditional sun protection range and in our solar-powered sun protection range."

Sustainability is also central to Harol's own operations, as evidenced by numerous initiatives. For instance, thanks to Harol's comprehensive approach to sustainable business, the company was elected the Climate Ambassador for miK, the environmental office for small to medium-sized businesses in the Belgian Province of Flemish Brabant, which is a project of the Voka network of Flemish businesses. Harol also makes optimal use of aluminium waste and rainwater. It has already taken many steps to improve its own sustainability, including offering a bicycle leasing scheme to its employees, adding hybrid and electric company cars to its vehicle fleet, introducing a remote working system for its staff and the construction of a nearly zero-energy office building. However, the true eye-catcher of Harol's sustainability project is undoubtedly its own wind turbine, which has supplied the company (and local residents) with 100% renewable power since October 2021.

About Harol
Harol is now a leading European manufacturer of high-quality sun protection, roller shutters, screens and outdoor living solutions. The company's motto is: ‘We believe in natural cooling’. Harol is actively committed to sustainable solutions for making the switch towards a greener future. For more than 75 years, the family business has delivered pure Belgian craftsmanship with an eye for detail and millimetre precision. All its products meet the highest quality and safety requirements and are custom-made in the Harol factory in Diest, Belgium. Harol solutions offer the best functionality, quality and design so that they can be enjoyed for many years to come.

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