HAROL launches whole new line of folding arm awnings

“Smarter. Simpler. Sustainable”. Under this motto HAROL is introducing, after two years of intensive development, a new line of folding arm awnings. As a specialist and trendsetter in sun protection, HAROL is now setting a new standard in the market. Consumers are thus receiving greater choice in design and features, while the system has been made simpler for installers. True to the principle of "less is more", the high-end models in the collection have been equipped with unique Invisibly Wired arms, an exclusive and very luxurious finishing where the steel cables are no longer visible.

For decades now, folding arm awnings have been one of the most tried-and-tested and popular solutions for sun protection at home. The system offers shade on the terrace, but also greater comfort behind the glass. Over the years HAROL has systematically developed its line in terms of aesthetics, technology and architectural integration. With its latest collection, launched at the Polyclose trade fair in January 2020, HAROL is now setting a new milestone.


Isabelle Wintmolders, marketing manager: “After extensive market research and almost 2 years of R&D, we succeeded in developing an entirely new line of folding arm awnings that correspond even better to personal preferences, modern architecture and ease of mounting. We also invested in arms that can be easily assembled, which opens the door to international markets."

Three custom-made collections: Minimal, Elegant and Curved

The line was divided into three collections with a distinctive style:

  • Minimal - tight and modern, is fully integrated into the house:
    • Lux (available from spring 2020)
    • Roxy (available from fall 2020)
  • Elegant - elegant roundings (available from spring 2020):
    • Tucan
    • Cadiz
  • Curved - curved design (available from spring 2020):
    • Praia


Each of the collections is subdivided into several versions, so that you can compose your sun protection like a menu, by style and functional need. For example, you can opt for built-in, ceiling or wall mounting, with an open, half-open or closed cassette. There are also many optional features, such as dimmable LED lighting in the cassette, arms or front profile. For the 2 high-end models Cadiz and Lux, you can choose between direct or indirect lighting in the ​ cassette and front profile, and a vario valance with up to 2m of drop is also an option. A wide range of high-tech acrylic fabrics, which are produced in our own workshop, are available for the entire collection.


Smarter: following market research, a multi-concept was developed in order to fulfil as many needs as possible, both in terms of style choice and use comfort.

Simpler: not 100 different awnings, but a single compact, clear and well-organised line, styled in accordance with the HAROL house style, which stands for simplicity and quality.

Sustainable: quality and sustainability are fundamental. The system was developed and tested to last a lifetime - while also being a green solution to prevent overheating.

Isabelle Wintmolders: “The new folding arms were developed and tested for over 25,000 cycles, i.e. the equivalent of being open and closed twice a day for 25 years. The new line meets the required standards for wind class 2 under EN13561 (speed 7.5-10.4 m/s).”


Download more images of the new line of folding arm awnings

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