Harol launches Coolscreen Solar: sustainable cooling powered by the sun

With Coolscreen Solar, sun protection specialist Harol provides a perfect, fully solar-powered screen that offers full control of your sunlight all year round. Coolscreen Solar is a feat of engineering and aesthetic ingenuity that cools buildings the natural way. It also has an extraordinarily sleek, minimalist and sustainable design.

The new Harol Coolscreen Solar combines 100% green energy with minimalist design and high-tech innovation. The solar-powered screen is mounted entirely on to the window's exterior and is therefore suitable for both existing windows and new buildings. No invasive construction work required. It is the perfect solution for houses and apartments as well as residential care facilities and hospitality establishments.

"Global warming has made overheating a real risk. Screens can control sunlight in an energy-efficient way and keep indoor temperatures comfortable in summer. And in winter, they offer extra insulation and free solar power. Coolscreen Solar is part of our new generation of screens that keep out the sun in an energy-efficient way based on a very clever, sustainable design." - CEO Annick Draelants

100% sustainable

Coolscreen Solar is powered by a discreet solar panel and a powerful 2.2 Ah battery. Even when facing north or on days with less sunshine, the screen still works thanks to its large battery storage capacity (3 hours of charging time – when fully charged, the screen can open and close twice a day for 30 days).

Sustainable design principles were key from the very initial stages and Harol uses a minimum number of parts that click into place without any glue. This means that at the end of the screen's life cycle, the parts can be used again to contribute to the circular economy and a sustainable society. Furthermore, the Coolscreen Solar is manufactured with the green energy from Harol's wind turbine and its case and other parts are powder coated at the company's own environmentally friendly powder coating plant.

Slim design

The battery is entirely concealed in a stylish, cubist aluminium case, which is available in two sizes. Together with the extra narrow guide, invisible weld seam and bottom rail that disappears completely into the case, this creates a sleek and minimalist design that suits any architecture style. The screwless system of the latest generation of Coolscreens with minimum number of parts that click into place contributes to this clean look.

Sleek and silent

Harol perfected its zip guide profile consisting of a polymer co-extrusion for its Coolscreen Solar. This always keeps the fabric at the perfect tension, even in extreme temperatures. The slim bottom rail was made heavier to keep the fabric perfectly tensioned horizontally as well. The screen's operation is silent thanks to Harol's optimised X-glide technology, a profile that completely neutralises any resonance inside the case.

Natural cooling thanks to Harol Coolscreen Solar:

  • 100% solar power, 1 discreet solar panel
  • Powerful 2.2 Ah battery that works all year round
  • Minimalist, screwless design
  • Ultra-tight fabric and silent operation
  • Window surface areas up to 12 m²
  • Quick installation without any invasive construction work
  • Compact, attractive case (90 x 123 mm, 110 x 143 mm)
  • Wind resistance up to 6 Beaufort, wind class EN13561 (wind class 3)
  • Standard I/O control that operates in conjunction with a building automation system
  • Optional sun and wind sensor

About Harol
Harol has developed into one of the Europe's leading manufacturers of high-quality blinds, shutters, screens and patio covers. Harol is actively committed to moving towards a greener future through sustainable solutions under the company motto 'We believe in natural cooling'. The family-run business has 300 employees and has delivered pure Belgian craftsmanship for more than 75 years with an eye for detail down to the last millimetre. Harol exports to more than 30 countries. All products are custom-made at the Harol factory in Diest, Belgium, to meet the highest quality and safety standards. Harol guarantees the best solutions in terms of functionality, quality and award-winning design to be enjoyed for many years.

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